We deliver a range of training and workshops which can be tailored to your group’s needs.  This can take the form of several day’s training over a number of weeks, shorter sessions or one-offs.    In the past these have included morning-long workshops for parents at schools in subjects like container growing, propagation and a beginners guide to vegetable growing.

Support for schools and community groups can include sessions working with staff to improve their skills in order choose the right space for a new project; engage stakeholders and encourage local ownership, and make full use of their green spaces in terms of food production.  It could also include any relevant elements from the Allotment Trainer’s Training as detailed below.

All training and workshops are based on participant involvement and learning through doing, and all training is evaluated.


Allotment Leader’s Training

A course for current or potential gardeners who would like to set up and run their own growing projects within their community, equipping participants with the enthusiasm, confidence and resources to start, improve or develop their own growing projects in a practical, hands-on way. This course will help you to:

  • Improve your own gardening skills and build confidence in your ability to grow a broad range of your own food
  • Feel confident working with groups and sharing your enthusiasm for growing
  • Support others in improving their skills
  • Learn how to make the most of potential growing spaces
  • Plan and run a gardening course, club or community growing project
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic organic growing techniques for annual vegetables, soft and top fruit, herbs and perennial vegetables
  • Prevent or treat common plant pests and diseases
  • Increase your plant stock for free using easy methods of propagation
  • Explore local, national and global food issues

What people have said:

“The course moved at an intuitive pace – lots of exchange of ideas and different experiences.”

“A lot of material was covered each week and it was presented in an easy to understand and interesting way”

“Excellent training.”

Around two thirds of participants in the training have gone on to set up or get involved in their own growing projects.

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