Community Design

Anna is a garden designer who works not only with individuals, but also with schools and community groups to help them create and sustain their growing projects.

Gardens in schools and community settings can be just as versatile as those anywhere else. Over the years we have been involved in making straightforward allotments, forest gardens, sensory gardens, wild flower meadows and wildlife gardens, frequently combining different elements to make the right garden for each setting. We try to make all our gardens attractive and elegant as well as productive.  Gardens are important to the people who use them, and being sensitive to that in community settings is vital, with the added complexity of there being many stakeholders.  The job of the community garden designer is to make real what that community wants from the space they have, bringing experience and advice on how best to make it happen.


The design process is all about conversation so we can understand what you and your stakeholders want and develop your ideas. We understand that the most important things in making a project work are the wants, needs and participation of people on the ground, and work hard to make sure that all those involved can feel a sense of ownership over the space. In this way we help people to start projects which last and grow.

Money is often a barrier to schools and community groups development of their land. We have considerable experience of making funding bids for growing projects and can share this with you. We are keen to involve stakeholders in the design process and, where safe and appropriate, in the building and planting as well. We also offer an orientation for users to help them make the most of their new garden.

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